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Sitting outside, with a cig & tea. After an extreme continual interupted sleep, with bad acid reflux, my stomach decided to purge the contents and start anew.
Nothing like a 3 am wake up call…lol
So outside i am. Wide awake. Watching the planes and listening to soothing music.
I have gone to thoughts every day and reposted & reposited & reposited Ben’s message, and i see we’re getting more members..YAY ๐Ÿ™‚ Our thoughts family is returning.
I wish we could tag others in our blog content; I want to thank Ben for making this new site. He could have just closed down his site, and let us all go our separate ways…but he chose to find a solution to take us all with him. Thank you Ben. For your forthought, and generosity!
Guess i’ll do some on line banking, and head back inside. It’s 444 am. Make a wish ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love to watch the sunrise, but i have two little boys who love the crack of dawn…lol

10 thoughts on “Ugh”

  1. Joins the herd. Thanks Ben. Waves in Dincali’s direction.

    “…avoid the crack, get more light, and enjoy what is.” tell myself that often. Making the rounds before I read the news. Hurricane relief and it must be difficult, living in a Storm Path.
    G’day .

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