Twitter is not fact checking anyone – they are reminding people to not take anything as fact – to research a bit.  The sad thing about this, is that there are people who have to be reminded that what is put on twitter, facebook, social media in general should to be researched for factuality.

But let us look at the subject of this controversy – Trump.  Any literate educated person should realize that after more than fifty nine thousand lies – oops, sorry, not lies. He is just too educated and powerful to be a liar.  So he just fabricates, misspeaks a lot. So why not remind the reader to check what he writes for factuality? After all, I’m afraid there are way too many out there that take is word as gospel?

I think we should take breather and reflect on the following views —

The presence of those seeking truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they have found it.” – Terry Pratchett

And I am sure that Yoda had Trump in view when he said,

Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you.” – Yoda

And have a nice day!


  1. Something was bothering me about the response to this action by twitter but I couldn’t put my finger on it. You are correct they did NOT engage in fact checking. That would have been to say “here are the facts, compare them to what trump said”. But they didn’t that, they simply reminded people reading it that facts needed to be checked before believing anything.

    Interesting that the man in the White House went even further down into the abyss and accused them of “denying him freedom of speech”.

    And I never bother to admit the word lie to “misrepresents”….they are lies as far as I am concerned…but I applaud your generous take on it. 🙂

  2. sorry….above, I realized that I have some wrong words….in my haste, that is often something I am prone to. However, I tried to update it but couldn’t and thought I would delete and re-enter, but it only deleted from the feed not from here…. 🙂

    Obviously there are things I still need to learn how to do, and one of them is update a comment.

  3. Hi Olen, YES….I kept reading what twitter did and read what Trump said and the dots did not connect. It almost reminded me of the Lady in Central Park……the bird watcher politely asked her to leash her dog and she called 911 and cried bloody murder. (Ok…I exaggerated that a bit) But from what I kept reading there isn’t much Trump could do and just like an article I read….it all turned out to be theatrics. And he knows his base always falls for his theatrics.

    I don’t facebook because of Zuckerberg……and have enjoyed Twitter. And I think I will enjoy Twitter even more so now 😉

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