I usually don’t engage in internet battles and can easily just walk away when someone tries to provoke me. Mind you….I only walk away because it is so easy for me to OBLIVIATE people and it truly wouldn’t be fair of me to engage. Ha! Now that was a bit dramatic eh? Of course I am just having a bit of fun with this.

I recently spoke up for someone I follow on Twitter who was being accused of not doing enough for the BLM cause. I was told I would never understand and that I was privileged. Me…a Native American who has fought and fight the good fight in ways that I am able. But for someone to call people out because they don’t think we are doing enough? Someone who doesn’t know us? Someone who very well may only be an internet warrior calling people who are on the same side out? WHO DOES THIS CRAP?

Anyhow….with some of the wild souls we have on here I would love to read about the most absurd fights/debates you have been pulled into or just willingly dove into online.


5 thoughts on “TWITTER BATTLE!!!”

    1. Hahaha…I have had to look up MANY words in my lifetime too. And you have absolutely nothing to worry about….cause I think you are one cool cat. As for obliviate …..I pretty much just obliviate them from MY existence by “blocking” them. WHICH means…..I WIN I WIN I WIN. ha!
      It’s kinda fun using dramatic words sometimes.

  1. I tend to steer clear of most internet trappings, social media sites, or any other offering dubious free-speech conversations. People seem to have a false impression that they need to be right all the time, and just as soon as you’ve thrown them a bone, they come bounding back with it hanging out of their drooling mouths. Such is humanity on the internet.

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