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Tucker Carlson: “they’re coming to get you..”

one tthing forever consistent about Conservatives: they are always easily manipulated and controlled with fear tactics. Maybe something to do with Christianity, which is a fake religion invented by politicians 2000 years ago in ordervto control people through the use of shaming, guilt tripping, and threatening them.

Same tactics always used by the “right,” because the people prone to Conservatism seem always so emotionally insecure, and perpetually threatened by imaginary “enemies.”

I sometimes believe the science behind Psychiatry only exists to treat the mental disease created by conservative ideology and organized religion.

There is no such organization as “antifa.”

It is a fabricated boogeyman, of which the “right” has plenty.

For sure there are anti-fascists. Any true, patriotic American is naturally an anti-fascist.

We currently have a fascist President who is playing the fear card to the hilt, 1960’s style, because right wing and religious extremists ALWAYS live in the past, and are terrified of change, which is also naturally inevitable. Right wing and religious extremists are paralyzed and petrified by reality itself and always dwell in the pre-science, unevolved, unenlightened realm of ignorance.

Antifa, perpetually scary and threatening pigmented people’s, homosexuals, atheists, intelligence itself, are all agents of fear and threat to the bubble world, fish bowl dwelling people of the far right, with their always engorged amygdala exacerbating their congenital state of paranoia.

Ok vey…….

2 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson: “they’re coming to get you..””

  1. You know I am not quite in the same place you are in about there not being a god, however, I certainly do agree that many have used the faith of Christianity to control and bend people to their will. That started, or at least increased with Constantine’s decision to make Christianity the national religion of the Roman Empire. At that point, it became important in their minds of the nation and church to make sure what “Christianity” was so those that were not fully in line could be deleted from influence.

    In reality, there has always been a difference of opinion under the umbrella of Christianity on many many issues. That continues today, but sadly so does the trend to narrow it down to something rigid that “we can all understand and agree to”. That is why there is such difference between those that believe in the teachings of Jesus and those like some of the ones we know on “that other site”. We will never agree, and for me the issue is to be allowed to live my life by the light that i see rather than being forced to conform to their beliefs.

    And Tucker Carlson is a media “pundit” who makes his living off of being divisive and downright nasty and rude.

    1. No One is really in the same place I am about anything. I tell my family I am an island. I have nothing in common with any relative, and no “friends” with similar interests. I am 64yo, and to be honest, have no idea what the word “friend” really even means. I have a few online “friends,” but even that is confusing to me. Just never been able to relate to other people on that level

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