Trying my best to find a positive trait for our ill leader.

Since Trump announced his illness, I have been racking my brain trying to find something good to say about him. I just know there is something positive about him , but it just won’t come to the fore.

I’m also at sea trying to understand how so many people can still believe and ‘worship’ Trump.  The man says he has covid19, understands it and still exposes many people that are there to protect him.


Despite what he may say, if he does have it – he can spread it to anyone close to him.  And there are still 30 – 40 percent of Americans that think he is working for America, when it is clear heonly works to make sure he is the headline – a pure narcissistic autocrat.

3 thoughts on “Trying my best to find a positive trait for our ill leader.”

    1. I read a conversation about people being glad about Trump getting Covid. Trump has many good qualities and I cannot even say i support him. I am a private thinker when it comes to politics . Democrats and Republicans are both human beings. It is sad when anyone suffers any illness. One thing good about him, is he stood in a very large crowd of judgmental news media crowds for years now. I think he tried his best even though I disagree with some of what he stands for. One good thing we can say about anyone is….they are human , just like us.

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