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Trying Again…LOL (I’m back)

Ok, gonna try this again, while my dinner is cooking. Yes, in my part of the world it’s dinner time, or perhaps I am just eating later than everyone else, which is quite possibly what i am doing…lol Got salmon & veggies going in my steamer, and it’s making me drool…well, not really. really hate drooling…LOL anticipation…oh yeah. Then again, depends on the circumstance 😉

So, as I had previously wrote (now in never never ever land..haha) I recently celebrated my 66th birthday. My daughter took me on a (tethered) hot air balloon ride. It was awesome. We only rose 40 feet, but it was really fun. My grandsons loved it too. Speaking of grands, i now have 7. Keep bugging my daughter for one more, but she says she’s done…lol. I keep telling her she needs a girl. She dotes on her baby (the youngest grand) niece so much, but i think nope, she’s done. Gotta elaborate a bit here…I have 5 children. 4 living, 1 deceased. The first 4, all boys (now men), the baby her. The eldest has 4 girls; actually a two generation family. 2 adult girls, with an ex, and 2 girls under the age of 10. My daughter, the baby, has 3 boys lol. The other 2? suffice it to say BUMS. We don’t talk about them…lol

My brother is staying with me for awhile. He’s relocating to Florida from hawaii and their tyrranical political notion of mandates & vaccines. We both agree with our views on that, if not for different reasons. I hd forgotten how easy going, lid back my brother is. Kinda gave me hope. That not ALL men so be preceived by me from my experences, and hurts. However, that being said…I AM NOT HOLDING MY BREATH….LMAO.

Ya, I could (and have) said much much more….but then I’d regress…LOL

Soooo what is up with you? Do tell. LOL

7 thoughts on “Trying Again…LOL (I’m back)”

      1. I can tell from your comment that you know that song too. How old is that song? I can remember hearing it on the radio when I was a child. Where’s ma walking stick!!!

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