Matter about truths.

Some truths are better unrevealed.

There’s a reason for saying that.
Recently I bought a lotion from a medical store, which costed around ₹120 before GST and now it has reduced to ₹98. I was definitely happy.
One fine day while I was applying the lotion I realized the price tag was a sticker. I was curious to know what’s beneath the sticker. I pulled off the sticker and guess what? There was a different price written there. The lotion was for ₹94! I know it’s not much of difference but still I was less happy now.


It is because this is what we do in real life. We are happy but one fine day we decide to pull off the sticker, out of curiosity and we end up bursting the bubble of happiness. Sometimes someone else will do that for you but in the end you are the one with is left with disappointment. In this situation sometimes truth is better unknown. You don’t need to know about the truth if it’s irrelevant. If you are happy with what you’ve got now nothing else from the past matters. This does not mean you should let people lie to you. What I’m saying is totally different. I’m saying if it’s nothing that bothers you just let it be.

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