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I’m excited to introduce you to my new digital technology reviews website TrustGeeky – its an informative new tech brand & tech reviews site.

TrustGeeky: Geeky, Trusty, Tech

As many of you know, I’ve been creating lots of websites & internet technologies for half of my life now.

What’s cool about TrustGeeky is its going to be my first ever comprehensive super-reviews-site (think Walmart Super Store – it offers nearly everything).

Recently I read an article about SEO from Think with Google and it explained why its better to build one website and focus on it (instead of building many smaller sites).

Reading that informative SEO advice from Think with Google – it really got the wheels tuning upstairs about ways to build a comprehensive technology website and shortly thereafter reading it TrustGeeky was born onto the web.

TrustGeeky (TG) covers digital technology with in-depth review content from internet researchers and web tech industry professionals.

Find the best tech products on TrustGeeky

TG professionally reviews digital tech products on

It explains both the pros and the cons of each internet / technology product in detail, creating comprehensive product reviews of the hottest digital products varying from web hosting, WordPress hosting and VPN to SEO, online gaming, esports, sports betting, mobile apps, phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, digital agencies and more.

TrustGeeky WordPress Hosting

Visitors reading TrustGeeky reviews can post tech reviews on all TrustGeeky website review pages by sharing personal reviews through the website’s comment forms on

Readers of the web service get the benefits of having two different types of tech reviews including reviews written by TrustGeeky’s tech editors in addition to customer reviews provided by the site’s commenting visitors.

This combination of professional, comprehensive technology reviews from TrustGeeky’s editors paired alongside actual customer reviews from real customers completes the bigger picture and gives readers all the facts.

Get Geeky, Trusty, Tech Reviews on explains everything that needs to be known in a simple, detailed and organized way.

The TG technology reviews are the best way to learn about the credibility and trustworthiness of an almost anything such as an app, product, brand, business or website on the internet.

While I may be partial as the TG creator, I still think TrustGeeky’s an exciting new tech blog that you should take a visit to the next time your looking for a fresh take on news and break-through digital technologies.

I’m applying for a patent on the technology, hopefully it gets approved ๐Ÿ™‚ I applied for a patent once before in 2012, however it was not approved. Hopefully, this time is going to be transformed from patent pending to patented…

Fingers crossed x.

TrustGeeky is a brand new website and the trusted average technology is being developed ongoing currently.

Wish us success and I hope to see you there soon on TG!

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