Trump to regulate social media…?


I thought Trump specifically, and the GOP generally, were anti-regulation? And believed in freedom, free speech, and liberty..

No, my friends, the biggest threat to personal freedom and liberty in America is evangelical, Conservative, Christians. This is the most anti-freedom collection of people in America. Their anti-freedom fetish is the propellant fueling the is disdain for democracy. These people want to control every aspect of your life, from what you watch, read, listen to and believe, to how you speak, dress, eat and think.

Don’t ever believe their constant projection about losing freedoms under liberals. It’s nothing but fear mongering and exaggeration.

Trump and his supporters roasted and toasted Obama and liberals nonstop, even in their dreams while Obama was in office but suddenly with Trump in office it’s “why are they so mean to Trump? Why wont they leave him alones so he can do his job……?

How many days does anyone think have passed over the last 25 years that the right wing flame biters have not dragged the Clinton name through their fetid, feculent sewer of hatred, propaganda, and Conspiracy theories?

How much time and money did the GOP waste dragging Hillary throb the faux investigative coals for no reason other than bloody her nose and toes so perpetually and thoroughly that when she finally ran for president, like they always knew she would, the hatred for her wouldvbe so firmly planted in the minds of voters that they would, and did, vote for Satan hi self before they would vote for her, which is exactly what happened.

And all the tenacious plastering of Hillary had absolutely nothing to do with Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation or anything else other than retribution of her husband for his success and popularity.

Vengeance for envy.

The “right” wants to silence and muzzle everyone but themselve

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  1. All that, both the attacks on Obama, saying he wasn’t born in America etc.. And the republicans joined to to decry him for wearing a tan suit, for heavens sakes, and claimed he was Muslim, as though that was the worst thing in the world. Then trump turns around and cries like a baby if anybody doesn’t agree with everything he says.

    And now he is supporting and retweeiting some bigot’s statement that “the only good democrat is a dead democrat”. I haven’t heard that type garbage in my lifetime and in history only when it was mentioning the Native Americans, Oh but to give the “cowboy” who originated that piece of bilge, he did say he meant politically, You see according to him the democrats are destroying America,

    Right, the man in the White House is the one trying to turn us into a dictatorship with his fragile ego in charge of the country and the nuclear codes. I used to keep thinking that he might eventually reach the bottom of the nastiness he would be willing to ditch out, but he proved me wrong on that.

    And the “evangelical christians” are complicit with his whole destruction of what made America great in the first place. If we don’t manage to get that madman out of office, we are cooked as a country. This last week has just proven that even more for me with racist cops still getting away with killing Black Men for no good reason,,,,,but standing on their necks of all things…and with many many witnesses watching the brutality.

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