Trump goes to Gab

Twitter finally acted against Trump lies, misinformation and propaganda and the toddler is having a proper DIVA missy fit tantrum. Run off to Gab to incite and provoke violence from his crotch sniffing sycophants.

Trump, like most of his base, is useless and ineffective with communication so he resorts to emotional manipulation. He’s off seeking solice and adulation amongst the people he is trying to murder. He’s going off the rails because every day he continues flapping his ignorant chops he sinks lower in the polls. November is toast and Trump knows at, just like his extremist, America, democracy hating GOP know it. They as much as admit they cannot win an honest and fair election.

Trump is a fat, lying, using, manipulative coward. He will turn and run from first hint of physical threat like cockroaches from a spotlight.

My 8yo niece is tougher and manlier than Donald Trump.

1 thought on “Trump goes to Gab”

  1. Nobody, you are presenting it more correctly than many others. First they tried to say it was “suppression of free speech” which it is certainly not. Nobody stopped him from issuing the statements and using a privately owned and run company, Twitter, to do so. And they didn’t actually even fact check him. That would have been to say “this is not true, all evidence supports the fact that mail-in facts are as secure as any other”.

    What they actually did was say, you might wanna go look into the facts yourselves. Something that all of us who have watched trump lie, then lie again, and then lie about lying know to do anyway.

    I see where Gab has made a bet to get his business, interestingly enough asking their customers to use twitter to do so. Which tells me that Gab is in fact not a trustworthy or nonpartisan organization. However, do they even have a twitter like platform. I thought they were like thoughts or that other blog site you and I were at.

    So, we are learning about the reach of Gab or it is another one of the cesspools of trumpism that has done so much damage to the decency and trustworthiness of this nation over the last 3 plus years,

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