True friends are rare and hard to find

True friends are rare and hard to find
If you find one then be ever so kind

Do not lose them, hold them near
That kind of love is ever so dear

No judgements nor criticims, not even close
Nothing bad, not ever nearly so gross

Just plain acceptance of who you are
They love you from near and ever so far

Forever lasts a real and true friendship
Happiness into your soul it will tip

So if in your life you’re given one such friend
Hold them near, never let it come to an end

To have a true friend is to be blessed for real
The best of the world they’ll always make you feel

Don’t fault them even when they disagree
For that’s what it means to truly be free

Treasure them always more then you would gold
They’ll make your heart warm when you feel cold

A real friend may come only once in your life
But they’re worth it always no matter the strife

If you find a true friend then lucky you are
One of the luckiest on earth, truly by far

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