Tranquility to Vexation

The touch of his hand on her back felt like little fairy’s dancing on a pond. She flipped through the pages of her book, her eyes drifting across the words. A twitch of her mouth and her breath escaping her. His fingers moved down to the small of her back, just above her underwear line. she chortled just a bit, his fingers pausing. “what is it?” “Nothing” she murmured. He was not pleased with this response. How could one be so amazing, but pay no attention to his efforts. As he rose up from his position on the bed, she glanced up from her book. “Leaving already?” her question seemed so casual that he almost didn’t want to respond. “Have I bored you my dear? as your book seems to bring you greater pleasure than my touching your skin” he said with remorse. “Oh Edward, shall I always be amused when you’re touching my skin? It’s not that your efforts are being overlooked my darling, but merely my story has me more aroused at the moment.” Another chortled laugh escapes her breath. At this Edwards face turns crimson. Through fumes he exits her chamber. She looks up over her book one more time, finally noticing his outburst she rolls over onto her back and giggles as she reads on. Her face flushes with happiness, and her thoughts running wild.

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  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ His poor ego? … and maybe her poor choice of words … well, the words that he no doubt heard … Which probably sounded like this …. “This story arouse me more than you do.” Then when she rolled over and giggled at the effect of her words, gives you the impression that her words were intentional … deliberate and victorious.

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