Total Abundance For All

Mike’s Common Sense

So many young folks seem to be enamored with Socialism. Yeah the precepts sound good, but how does it really work out? History has shown that not one Socialist country has lasted more than 50-60 years, most well short of that. Why? Let’s take a look.

The government takes from those who have earned their money, and gives some of it to those who haven’t earned it. In the meantime most of what they take goes to the government. Do some research on Socialist countries. Those in power live an opulent lifestyle, while everyone else barely survives.

What is the answer? How about total abundance, and opportunities for everyone?

If you take government out of the picture with it’s crony capitalism, regulations, taxation, and legislation, money will flow freely among all who put in some effort. Those who are incapable of working will be supported by charities, and common good.

There is NO free lunch in a truly free society, if you don’t work, you don’t eat. In a truly free society everyone is a producer, and a consumer. In a totally free society everyone can attain the level they choose on their effort. Total freedom, and abundance for everyone.


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