Tooth regeneration

Dear World my three teeth are finally regenerated at the age of 35 and after 2 months completing 36 in October.

So I am that Fitna on whom God is consistently showing regeneration miracles

My wife is aged 5 months completed for marriage she is not conceiving a child..

I can just pray God’s miracle reach to its accomplishment

I am not against my country just they are blind towards God’s signs and miracles and on whom these signs have been revealed he is just Fitna for this country….I am not against their sovereignty just in astonishment why they are blind why they perceive not why US has turned against their revolution and leadership just because although they did not purchased this science from me they owned it and experimented it And worked wonders….I privately wanted to sell it to UK but nobody escorted me their and USA capitalised it

Now they did not want my country to even understand it the way they never understood my papers they just marked my mental health.

It is known as stem cell regeneration

It is found in Teeth hairs nails liver and now in penis …

Covid 19 had not been prepared in China neither it had been natural it was prepared in USA and spread in claimed new super power China

But it engulfed half of human population

We are in a period where war with nuclear weapons is not possible so Biowar will do job now…

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