Today’s the day.

As a kid I always found comfort in writing. Writing has always been a special and unique therapy for me. Writing is something that I can either share or keep all to myself and that is completely up to me, and I’ve decided to show everyone. I know that writing can change so many things in this world, and I know that I have a long way to go but this is my passion. I’ve been away for so long, but even when I’m away I come back to write and it is like I never stopped. Writing makes me happy and it gives me peace. When the world is a scary place and everything in my life is so messy, I can write about it and I can let some of it off of my back. A friend of mine told me to never stop dreaming. He told me that I didn’t have to give up writing for anything. He said that I can work or do anything that I wanted and still write at the same time. I do want my writing to be famous one day because I know that my words of encouragement can help people. I know that I can save someones life the way others saved mine. I have a goal in life and it’s to make a difference. To stop wasting my time complaining about everything wrong in my life and starting to appreciate the good. I am a blessed girl, I really am. I just have one dream. To become a writer. To change peoples lives in a way that they never imagined. I want to bring happiness into this world with my poetry and my blogging no matter how hard it is. It will make me happy to make others happy. To achieve one of my goals and be proud of myself. I hate my job because I am not happy there. Sure, I’m thankful and it pays the bills but my heart is here. I will write until I can no longer write, and I hope one day someone will hear me out and enjoy what I have to offer.

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