Today, Um

Today has been like  a um what did i do with my time kind of day. I have had so many thoughts as to what i should have done and what i feel like i can get done before the night is over with.

So far i have done some of my planner things and  cleaned up a little. i still feel like i have to do something and i can not put my finger on it. HOpefully it will come to me sometime soon.

i know i want to do my nails because this messed up nail polish is bothering me but i have to wait for my dad to go to bed because he does not like the smell of it. I am thinking about doing a vlog type thing but i am unsure because i still have not figured out the editing software i have on here. I wish i could be like these youtubers who actually make a living out of doing these vlogs and get checks from it but i dont think that will happen any time soon.

Well i know i havent said anything since my first blog and wanted to say something else.

2 thoughts on “Today, Um”

  1. I feel you. You should start you a YouTube channel and start posting. Why not? Once you get an audience,and you will, they will pay you through Ad Sense. Stay on here to though. Lol

  2. Yeah, you should do it if it is something you think you can do, do well, and do often. Learn about what is needed, any kind of software, apps, hardware or whatever, and … as the old adage goes, “JUST DO IT”. I too have the same idea of doing this and the little research I have done so far is promising. I just gotta follow my own advice, lol!

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