Today I Was With my Mom

Today I was with my mom, and I ended up sad by the end of it. I saw her for her. I saw her as another person and not just “mama”. I feel like she saw more of who I am too. I was actually more comfortable being myself around her. I talked more. We laughed more. The conversation we had about about marijuana legalization brought us closer.

it’s crazy to see how much I’m like her now. I feel refreshed after it all. I needed today. I don’t want to ever lose her even though I know I will one day. I just appreciate the time I have with her now. I want to cherish and hold it before it’s too late.

2 thoughts on “Today I Was With my Mom”

  1. I can definitely relate. It’s a game changer when we can see our parents as humans who make mistakes, are learning as they go, etc., and not just our mom or dad. I’m glad you had that day with your mom. I hope you have many more days like that with her.

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