To Sir with Love

it was years ago that I saw the movie that this song came from. I would say at least 35 or more years. It always was one of my favorite songs, as well as a great movie.

Now that I am writing this, I am thinking of the fact that recently, I posted about To Kill a Mockingbird being one of my absolute favorite books of all times, and now I am talking about To Sir with Love. It just dawned on me that both have a similar theme.

Mockingbird was about a fairly poor subset of the population of a small southern US city and the racial issues that existed there in the 1930’s. This song also has a big racial component as well, but is set in England in a very poor neighborhood in what I think was London. In this example, it is the Black school teacher who has to reach and help the young, white students in his class.

In both cases, the love is extremely obvious and shown in a beautiful and moving way.

And the song was sung beautiful by Lulu.

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