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To Blog, or Not To Blog…

There was a time where blogging was the only thing I ever wanted to do. I think this was also perhaps one of the most creative times in my life, but I also think it came from the fact that blogs were popular, and the old was in its hey-day.

Now I am older, not the wiser though, and the world has changed and I have somewhat changed myself. It is weird how I am part of a generation that fondly remembers and cherishes technological fads, but that is what I guess comes from being surrounded by it 24/7.

The world is now facing a pandemic, virus taking thousands of lives a day, and I have decided to give blogging another shot. I don’t know whether it is fact that I have to remain home more, or there is some subconscious desire to ease my loneliness by seeking online validation, but I have the sudden urge to just share and vent my non-important thoughts, feelings and ideas to someone out there. Granted, I could do all these things on social media sites, but I just find them too fast paced and busy for what I want to do. Something slower pace, something familiar, something that used to be second nature to me felt more of a better fit than a small limited post that would disappear into the confused mess of a void that is social media.

So, hi again. My name is Xander and I am hoping that I will reignite the joy that blogging once gave me.

4 thoughts on “To Blog, or Not To Blog…”

  1. Welcome back toThoughts Xander.
    Ben brought Thoughts back for most of the reasons you mentioned above. With the world experiencing the Pandemic and people being stuck indoors he wanted people to have a place to escape to.
    He added a question area…..a few groups….and of course simple blogging. People are trickling in but at the moment its a small crowd.
    “Non Important Thoughts” are what I specialize in so I am looking forward to reading some of yours 😉

  2. Hello there.
    Every word u said is exactly how i feel. And exactly why I’m back here again. Hope you stick around even after all the world chaos is gone. Looking forward to reading you.

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