To Ben .. A + Comment!

It has been a few days since I have been on here but I must say that I see a world of difference as far as this works is concerned. Right now this seems to be working flawlessly & smoothly.

CUDO’s to you!

10 thoughts on “To Ben .. A + Comment!”

  1. You can opt out of email notifications, Becky. Hover the mouse over your screen name — allowing the menu to drop down. Select settings — then select email. On this page change your email notification alerts and click save.

  2. Like @peacefulthinking I wish I got notifications when I got a comment on a blog or when a friend wrote a blog. And I wish the lag would go away for good instead of having to c&p my comments to post every time I try to leave a comment and it freezes up instead of posting… this one probably will. ๐Ÿ™

  3. I need to figure out how to STOP notifications. I am getting 20 to 25 a DAY from people I know and posts I publish. I am not one that NEEDS to jump right on a comment someone makes to me or on one of my blogs.

    In fact, my wife & kids finally got me to do the facebook thing and until a couple of days ago I did not know how to stop being notified when someone comments on something I say. Now I can post something and not get 1 notification which is exactly how I want it. Just one more reason I refuse to get a cell phone, those damn things notify you about anything & everything. If a fly lands on a turd the phone notifies you.

    Nah, Not me .. do not need it.

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