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I will spend an hour or two this morning, which is a Friday and the rain has started. Which means I will continue to mourn the warmth of summer 2017 and nod in respect to Autumn, which leaves me wanting more as it is now November and in a day or so, will be turning the clocks back, as it is part 2 of daylight savings time procedure. FALL BACK. And with that, comes winter. Am trying too hard to console myself and make sense of all of this. Is the season and until I pack it up and move to Florida or the carribean, I should remind myself. “Don’t try so hard.” And then I set to sit and for an hour or two this morning, piece together what that might mean. “Trying too hard.”

Tying myself up with rope that is made of paper. Trust what got you here in the first place. Mother and Dad and the things they would say and do. Remember, we are all only human. But add something delightful. Mon and Dad. Without them there would be no me. Truth in the old days. Now 70 plus years later and I must say, “Rely on Science.” And perhaps science is just one way of accounting for all the changes I have seen over the course of a long and robust life. Mine. And could talk more about that, but first I have something that seems to have me occupied. Like the sign in the Toilet on the airplane. “Occupied.” Is all I need to know. Don’t ask. “What cha doing?”

Relentless in my pursuit of just the right combination of morning rituals to get this day started. Won’t say the root of evil or my problems is how I start my day, but it does have me thinking as I look at the banners of E-news for November 3, 2017, which happens to be a Friday and its raining, is there a Better Way? Better Way and what might that be? Not sure, and that is a good starting point. Should I stop reading the news, e-banner oriented and go back to hard text and the New York Times? Have I gotten away from the things that are good for me, reminisce of the past. Newsprint and home-delivery and monthly interaction with the newsboy when I pay my bill and say, “Thank. Job well done.”

It is Friday. Seems the media is reporting about people who get in their cars or trucks and choose to run over people on the bike trail or in crosswalks, or where a group of people might assemble. Like its the proper thing to do, when not shooting people at school or at work or at Walmart. Loss of life, and priming the tree and making less of so many that we don’t have time to mourn their loss. Trying so hard to come up with something to talk about or report, each and everyday. Falls into the category of Trying Too Hard. Fake Media. Media and Press. Distribution and wait until you hear this. But mostly it is just a continuation of things we might consider doing with out. Killing. Maiming. Violence. And that has me thinking. Week 9 of the NFL schedule for American Football. Have a game I will attend on Sunday. NFL football in Seattle. Big game was last week. Now they are calling it The Game of the Year. And once it was over and Seattle won, I can go on to agree and think: “Time well spent.” Because my team won. Happened with 21 seconds in the game and Hail Mary Pass was successful. House erupts. People cheer. And that was last week. What happens today or even on Sunday has me thinking. “Am I trying too hard?” Entertainment and Entitlement. Priviledge of just another day on planet earth and I should be thankful. Another day.

That should make me happy. Now I ask. “Does it?”

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  1. @Stonehead

    Ever think of moving to San Diego?
    Though….I think Florida is warmer. But they get humidity. Yucka!

    I was mourning the summer too. I am at an odd stage of life.
    I use to love colder weather…..time change and all that jazz.
    But being older now…..I love the sun. But also being older….a hot flash here and there makes me want the cold. But as soon as the flash is gone….I want the warm. I am 49……maybe it isn’t a hot flash after all.
    I just need to lose some weight I think.
    But it could be a hot flash. Though I haven’t had one in…..a few weeks. But I think they work like that when you first enter that stage.
    My mother isn’t much help in this area. She claims to have never experienced that stage of life. Which is most likely true since she had a hysterectomy in her late 30’s and has been on hormone pills since.
    Oh…..ill figure it all out later.
    I am sure this is the LAST thing you want to see in your comment section.

    Morning ritual…..is nice to have.
    I get up and drink a glass of water and lemon by my bedside and get cleaned up.
    I walk into the kitchen and make my tea and smudge myself with sweetgrass or sage.
    I sit usually in silence and enjoy my tea for about an hour.
    After that I prepare a morning protein shake or make a delicious bowl of oatmeal.

    You know……I have 7 siblings.
    So growing up we had oatmeal or malt o meal or hot rice with raisins and milk for breakfast with toast every morning mon – fri. My mother made a big pot of one or the other every morning. And we just got so tired of it. I couldn’t stand it for years. But it was inexpensive and it fed us all. On the weekends we were treated to cold cereal like Fruit Loops/ Honey Combs/CoCo Puffs etc. The more I think about it…..it also allowed my mother to sleep in.
    Anyhow……as I got older I realized how good hot cereal really is. I can eat it everyday and be so happy.
    Where am I going with this exactly?
    I think I lost track.
    I thought I was supposed to bring this back to full circle……..

    Oh well.
    You mentioned daily news banners.
    Somedays….I just don’t listen to news.
    I just want to enjoy the immediate simple things.
    So I read my books….pop onto Thinkr……read my magazines….listen to music as I doodle.
    I am a world news person anyhow.
    The world is full of hurt……and good and bad….and beauty.
    Kinda like the local stuff….but on a larger scale.
    If I listen to local news….it’s usually my local PBS station on the radio.
    Though I did watch local news the other day because someone left it on and I sat down.
    Our gas prices went up 12-13 cents a gallon. Some law we voted for last year.
    They had a story on pot holes in our streets.
    We have a hepatitis A outbreak happening with our homeless population. My son told me….they ran a story while I was gone about it. One reason they think it is so bad is because we voted to outlaw plastic bags. So we have to bring our own bags to the markets or we can buy one of theirs for a dime I think.
    Now since the homeless no longer have access to those free cheap plastic bags they have nothing to keep their waste in.
    Which kinda explains the hepatitis outbreak.
    Oh yeah…..they covered college and high school football for a long while since we no longer have a local NFL Team.
    We longer have NFL here Drum.
    I guess this wouldn’t be a “choice” place for someone like you to live.
    Well…..maybe you can handle the Florida humidity after all.


  2. Hello Monica.
    Was a time when I lived in Costa Mesa, worked for a small laser research and assembly company. 1988 ish. played golf. ran to the ocean. rode horse and put in a full work day. Anaheim to John Wayne airport. one day they had road rage. I looked around. said. “I’m leaving.” And I did. So parts of San Diego like existence, I get it. southern part of where I was, just didn’t do the 60 miles more into San Diego city. was okay with almost. Lot has changed from my days down where you are. Won’t go back. Will go to Perth, Australia before I harbor up where you are. Another story for another day. trust all is well. cheers.

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