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Tis Almost The Season

Every year around Christmas time I think about adopting a family who is less fortunate. Unfortunately, I always think about it too late. 

Not this year.

I just found out the USPS posts children’s letters to Santa and the public can read them and send gifts to them. 

After reading some of the letters from last Christmas, I am truly moved by the innocence and selflessness of these children. Many are asking for things for other members of their families to make them more comfortable. One child asked for a sofabed because they live in a one-room apartment and it makes their parent’s backs hurt so they go to work in pain. That’s all she wanted and it wasn’t even for herself. 

When I was 11 and my brother was 8, my Dad was laid off from his job. We had just finished building their dream house so this was a huge financial blow and skipping Christmas would have been a logical move. However, to my father, this was not an option. 

He is well educated, a civil engineer, and a very proud man. Despite this, he took a seasonal job selling fireworks just for us to have presents under the tree. As children, we had no idea he was doing this and it wasn’t until many years later that I learned about it. It solidified my knowledge of the kind of man he is. He swallowed his pride and took a job that was well beneath his pay grade so his children would not have to experience a year without a Christmas. 

He made me appreciate how lucky I was to have a father who would do anything for his children. He will never know the full extent of how much that meant to me when I learned the truth and how much it made me want to live up to his example. He is, without a doubt, my hero. 

The last couple of years have been incredibly hard for a lot of families. Covid has taken its toll on morale and finances. As someone who was employed through the worst of the pandemic and has no family of my own, I am in a position to help those in need. 

Every child deserves something to open on Christmas day. I can provide that anonymously all while knowing a child can believe Santa didn’t forget them. 

If anyone is looking for a way to help, consider Operation Santa. Help Santa Deliver Cheer This Year! 

Help Santa Deliver Cheer This Year!
Santa receives more letters than he can answer. You can help! Adopt a letter today and fulfill someone’s holiday… 

Once the 2021 year is active, Ill repost the link if anyone is interested. 

3 thoughts on “Tis Almost The Season”

  1. THANK YOU so much for sharing your story and sharing this information about Operation Santa. I have heard some stories about the letters the Post Office receives and volunteers who handle them. But I did not know you could become a Secret Santa of sorts and shop for these children. We have been doing somewhat the same thing through Salvation Army with their Angel Tree. No letters involved but paper Angels hanging on the tree and you pick one or 10 and they have the name(first name only) Age, Sex, Clothes size and a little wish list the child has. I like to get them early because I don’t really like being rushed to make the deadline which has happened a few times.

    Again….thanks for posting this and WELCOME to THOUGHTS Kat 🥂

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! Apparently the USPS has been doing this since the early 1900s but with technology as it is, you can do it online. Im looking forward to putting smiles on some kids faces this year!

      1. ME TOO!
        My sons are grown and I have no Grandkids YET so getting to shop for children always makes me look forward to the holiday.
        I just realized you are not new to these parts. It takes me a while sometimes but you looked so familiar.
        I should have said…WELCOME BACK 🍸

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