Thoughts on authoritarianism

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Authoritarianism is a lack of personal self discipline.

I do not understand how Trump supporters can have any respect for someone as undisciplined as Donald Trump. For people who always accuse Liberals of acting on emotions It is beyond ironic to see people support a man so prone to impulsive and impetuous whims. Trump is like a toddler throwing a tantrum because he can’t decide what flavor cake he wants.

For “righties,” who are forever ranting about liberty and freedoms to embrace someone on an authoritarian rampage seems strangely ironic.

“Conservatives” have about as much respect for liberty and freedom as a cat has for a fledgling robin.

It’s all hypocrisy and lies. There is no integrity or honour in the Trump movement.

It’s all like a rabid, mangy dog in the gutter with a rag doll in its mouth.

There is nothing patriotic, or American in MAGA.

It is hatred, mental weakness, and cowardice.

A need to control everyone else because they have no self control of their own.

No self respect, no virtuous principles, no dignity, no honour.

No humanity, nor capacity for it.

The decline of civilization as we know it eminates from the armpit and crotch rot of Trump cultism.

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