Thoughts of the day : links to here. links to thoughts of this site, excellent!

Wild, wild thoughts!, love it!

I see Ben added the Yoast SEO, which helps someone to add more content that will bring the blog entry to a complete status. Well done!

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Thoughts, are creeping in with arms of silence,

Now tell me that’s not deep!, the thoughts are those that silenty built our life and the way we view it. Positive thoughts can make life easier, negative thoughts will bring the Murphy law and that can only make life harder. Still only 87 words!, now though, I have a motto to try to get better, to write more.

R.I.P Tom Petty (Died today at age of 66)

– I Won’t Back Down

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts of the day : links to here.”

      1. I have been deleting accounts and comments and groups when I see that they are spam. I would delete the new accounts but I have to wait to see what they post before I can tell they are spam.

        Give me time…I will get to them. (finger crossed)

  1. Yes, since last night when Ben locked the doors on thoughts at least 30 new accounts have joined here, probably 80% are spammers. Not good.


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