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I wanted to do like the old days of 2007 and bring writing contests with prizes for the winners back to

Hence, I’ve created the new story telling challenge / contest.

Contest requirements are to create a short story using the new “web stories” feature on that’s powered by Google Web Stories.

The winning story’s author will win a night out in their hometown or nearby city within driving distance on me /

The winning night’s prize consists of dinner for two at your chosen restaurant ($100 for dinner) and movies for two seeing the movie of your choice ($50).

To enter the contest, login to and click the +New button and then click “story” in the post type selection window.

Create a story with a focus on visual story telling by blending written short stories with visual images and videos to create a visually appealing and engaging story.

I will select the winning story for the first week in December and we’ll schedule the story telling contest winner’s night out once the winning entry has been chosen.

To be clear, this must be a “story” type post that is published on

Read Google’s page on best practices for creating web stories to get tips and information on how web stories works and the best ways to use them for visual story telling.

4 thoughts on “ Story Telling Contest”

  1. Of course it is you. I went through your profile. I am so excited to find this place again. I came back a few years ago but I had writer’s block. I have so much to write about now. It feels like coming home being here again. I remember you all fondly. You made me feel like a million bucks in Vegas. I hope you remember me. I was under the name Difficult Soul back in 2007. I never did really leave this place, it always existed here in our hearts, even while we were away from each other. This place is magical for me today. I am going to write here like I used to. Thank you for bringing this place back.

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