This is living

I live alone, I work remotely, I grow a lot of my own food, I’m an introvert, my hobbies are reading and writing. A perfect candidate for being content and happy in this current world situation.

Why oh why in the goddamnfucking world do I find myself feeling the need for human contact now? I don’t typically fall victim to societies normal or expected pitfalls or predictions. This one got me.

Petal here,

nice to ‘meet’ any of you

7 thoughts on “This is living”

  1. Because before Corona…….it was a choice to stay in and huddle in our happy homes. But now… isn’t a choice.
    Well…it is a choice but most of us CHOOSE to stay in and be safe and healthy. I better stop here cause I am can easily go in circles.

    Hi Petal….hold it together.

    And WELCOME to our little corner of the world.

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