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This is house of Almighty

It was constructed by Abraham and his elder son and ancestor of Muhammad SAW…Ishmael PBUH..He was half brother of Son of Sarah and Abraham.Isaac

Ishmael was son of Sarah’s rewarded maid and daughter of pharaoh Princess Hajra.

The claim that Abraham and Sarah were siblings and Issac was an incest Child is speculation in Islam.

Whereas Jews claim genetic verification for this.

Well Judaism spread from descendents of Issac PBUH

Islam stemmed from descendents of Ishmeal.


Abraham saw a dream He is slaughtering His Son Ishmael

He got terrified and shared his dream with Ishmael

Obediently Ishmael asked his Dad Father materialise your dream if this is will of Almighty Lord

Abraham with sharp knife started cutting his throat while he closed his eye

But when he opened his eyes

A Lamb was laying slaughtered

Ishmael was smiling standing beside

Lord revealed on Abraham

O Abraham you materialised your dream you sacrificed your dearest thing

Muslims Circumambulate Holy Kabba

Offer Prayer 5 times a Day (originally these were 50 prayers awarded on night of ascension but on suggestion of Moses Muhammad appealed relaxation to Almighty Lord and Lord reduced it to 5.

Jihad was ordered to Jews but Jews responded You and your Yehweh Do it your self

God cursed children of Isreal to wander for 40 years in desert and kill each other.

Than Joshua PBUH did the Jihad and conquered Present Isreal and Solomon Castle for their worship whose construction was started by David PBUH and completed by Solomon PBUH…Genies had constructed Solomon Castle for worship of nation of Isreal.

Umer RA had conquered Palestine and Aqsa Mosque that remained first prostration direction for .Muslims.

When angels came to destroy nation of Loot PBUH the nephew of Abraham Aftet devastating nation of Loot for not leaving Homosexuality Wife of Loot became a stone.

Then they went to Sarah and Abraham and gave Abraham a glad tiding of Issac

From Issac(PBUH)



Than Moses(PBUH)



John (PBUH)

Zechariah (PBUH)

From Abraham and Princess Hajra

Ishmael PBUH.

HOLY Muhammad PBUH.

Ali ibn abi Talib and All Persian Imams descendents of imam zain ul Aabideen

Abbas ibn Ali and all caliphate descendents

Are generation of AbrahamPBUH and Princess Hajra.

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