Things I still miss…..๐Ÿ’ซ

Yes many people are vaccinated but with the new variants being spread I still don’t feel safe doing things I love. Like a LIVE concert. Sitting in a restaurant with friends. Though I have been to their houses and we enjoyed each others company sitting outside.

I more so have to be careful because 2 of my sons were not vaccinated until today. Today they went and got their first shot ๐Ÿฅณ. They took the wait and see approach. Which I can respect because they were very cautious in all they did. But now with Pfizer now getting the official green light and all these people dying with the Delta variant….they decided to bite the bullet. So I still had to watch where I went and who I was around in fear of what I could bring home to them. I mean…even though they did get their first shot I still need to be cautious. One of my sons wanted to wait too but he also wanted to travel back to England to see his girlfriend so he got it in the name of Love a few months ago ๐Ÿฅฐ

Anyhow…. I know we had these types of post a YEAR ago….but what does Covid have you missing?

2 thoughts on “Things I still miss…..๐Ÿ’ซ”

  1. These types of post are still relevant – Covid has gone nowhere and is still here.
    The one thing I still miss the most is being able to go anywhere without fear of infection – even if it’s a jaunt to my local town centre of Epsom. Last year during the height of the pandemic I sold my car because it had been sitting there going nowhere, so rather than keep paying for something I was not able to use I let it go. I actually ventured out to the hospital for a blood test last week – first time out since last year, but in all honesty things may look normal out there but deep down I still feel there is danger for the vulnerable. There is talk over here of offering certain people a 3rd jab! People are still getting infected, and people are still dying. . .an end is not yet in sight.

    1. Here too…third jab. But they did approve the 3rd one for the vulnerable. Apparently people have already been getting it by being sneaky or creative…depending on how you look at it. I have the 2 Pfizer doses….but I was pondering looking for a location that is giving the Johnson and Johnson which is 1 jab. So that could be my 3rd. I shall ponder it longer….since I have the time to ponder.
      YOU SOLD YOUR CAR? That is what keeps me sane. Being able to go for drives…..going to the beach after everyone leaves….its nice being to just hop in and drive. Well….when my head isn’t spinning that is

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