The things we can let go of…

There was a house fire in our area the other night. The family lost everything they owned. Everything. That seems so final, and yet they all survived. They were not at home at the time, and came upon the fire when they returned from errands. Caused by a heat lamp put on the porch for an animal. Second fire I have heard of caused by a heat lamp. It left me wondering how I would feel if I were put in that position. Hmmm!

I have always been a sentimental person. I hang on to things. Small things that may seem trivial to other people. Movie stubs, cards and letters, and any momento that recognizes an occasion in my family. I have always done that. Well not always. As a small child, I had nothing of value. Nothing that belonged solely to me. Not my clothes, as they were mostly hand me downs, and would be handed down to my younger sister. Not a book, as they were shared. Nothing.

When I was a senior in high school I got a Memories book that was to put my memories from my high school days in. I still have that book, of course, full of what little momentos I have from my high school days. I remember the day these books arrived at the high school, along with 350 cards in a box to hand out to your friends. I have so many cards of people I didn’t even associate with. I need to find this book and look through it again. Memories.

When I got married I left my family home with a few clothes, shoes, and of course my Memories book from high school. I had a wedding shower where I received all the home goods that I would need to set up a household. Both of our families came together and gave us items that they no longer needed to help fill in the blanks of what we did not receive. RJ did the same, and we did not have a lot. My family gave us a television, and RJ brought his stereo. It was like we were playing house together. We were just 19.

Fast forward a full 36 years and we have a house chock full of stuff. Stuff corner to corner and closets jammed full. I feel like a hoarder at this point. Oh, it is very much neat and tidy, save my hall closet. It is just that it is SO MUCH STUFF!!! I really want to weed out the items, the problem is TIME. No time to do anything except work, and take care of grands. RJ and I rarely have a moment alone. When we have spare time, which is rare, we both want to run out the door and enjoy our hobbies.

So back to the topic of this blog post. What we can let go of. At this point in my life, I don’t feel as if there is anything that I can not let go of. Oh, I would hate to. If my house burned down tonight though, and my entire family survived, I could pick up the pieces and move on. I would still have the memories of all of my days spent. I may not have material reminders, but I would carry that stuff with me in my mind. My mom used to say “Memories are everything. As long as I have my memories, I am never alone.” I have taken that philosophy to heart now. I feel the same.

I pray today that the people who lost their home can hang on to their beautiful memories, and let go of all of the precious items they lost. I also hope they had some of their pictures on a cloud somewhere. At least they can retrieve those.

What can you let go of?

peace 😀 shemelts

4 thoughts on “The things we can let go of…”

  1. Let go.. step back. feel the missing. 2017 and did let go of my very first LOVE. Was a person, now released from body and life as we knew it. You talk about stuff. I mention a person. wonder if we are talking about the same thing. Nice to read this blog. am reminded to return, and just be. In the company of people and memory starters, is worth something. read this blog. smiled.

  2. I can walk away from every possession. Some are sentimental but one day I’ll depart from this world and leave those things behind, and reunite with those who gave those things meaning.

  3. Living in a high fire zone I keep a safety box with Birth Certificates/second ID’s /extra credit/bank cards. And another box for my EagleFeathers and pictures I haven’t put on a drive yet.
    If we have to run….which we have had to run before…I grab those boxes and I am set. You need to be able to get hotel rooms, food and gas and clothes. Because when you run you don’t have time to grab clothes or much of anything. And there may be a time where I won’t get to my purse. Which is why I have second IDs so I don’t have to run around looking for it. Anything I couldn’t fit into my boxes…..I don’t need it.

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