things are looking up <3

Things are looking up. I got a job! A full time one at that! I am now working as a specimen collector making a pretty decent chunk an hour. It’s not a glamorous job, but it is one that is needed. And it is one that will allow me to have weekends off. Not to mention nights! Which is good because the thing is, a lot of my friends want to hang out. I may actually get to have a social life, for once.

This is what I wanted because my bf is working part time right now, and I should be able to pick up the slack. So that he doesn’t have to rush to find more work. He really likes his job and wants to continue working with kids. I am all for someone actually following their dreams. I myself have no idea what kind of career I want. But, the fact is that he does. And he should get to pursue that opportunity.

Life is really good right now. Or, it is calm. This scares me, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. But, I think that I need to stop waiting for that other shoe to drop. I need to start realizing that life is going to have ups and downs, and that’s all.

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