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They’re Wonderful, Just Wonderful


There I was sitting watching the idiot box, which was showing Wheel of Fortune, since my wife claimed the remote before I got my hands on it, otherwise we would have been watching one of those old dusters starring the Duke, and Kirk Douglas. Anyway, Pat was doing his usual interviewing at the start of the proceedings, and I noticed all the contestants had a “wonderful’ husband, or “wonderful” wife, It seems all the contestants have wonderful spouses on that show. Just once I’d like to see some brave fellow say, well the old battleaxe is home laying around in her housecoat, and probably piss eyed drunk… I wonder how that would effect Pats ratings, and how much would it shorten that particular contestants life span?

I don’t know if I’d call my wife wonderful or not, but she has put up with me for 41 years, if anything, I’d call her persistent, and stubborn as well. Stubborn you say, why yes, I do, she is hanging in there to see who wins. Shes in this for the long haul, and if she can, shes going to win the who outlasts who battle. Regardless of who does eventually win, the loser, “may they rest in peace” gave it their all. I’m just glad we don’t have stairs in our apartment, because I’m sure there would be times when one of us would look at the other on those stairs and think, could I get away with it?

Funny, some of the names we have for our spouses at times, I notice some men calling their wives, their Queen. What an odd name to call your significant other… which by the way is another word we often use, ‘significant other’. I never call my wife this, she is just my wife, or if I’m talking to a friend, it sometimes comes out as “the wife’. She’d pass out if i called her my queen ! 🙂 Then most times I call her by her name!

No, I do love the little woman, (which is another name we often use for our wives) and she knows it, has known it for over 41 years, and as I kid her about her persistence and stubbornness, we both get a laugh about that. If it is one thing we share, is a laugh, if there is no laughter, their is no life.

Anyway, when the exciting Wheel of Fortune wrapped up, and Pat had determined the winner, we ate. I made some homemade hamburgers, (my queen had a cheese burger… and we had fries as well. Since sitting around the house for the last month hasn’t been enough to add a little around the old waistlines, I said to myself, “Self, we need some gravy with these fries”, and so gravy it was.

You see it isn’t because either of us are lazy that we don’t exercise, it’s because of the misuse and deterioration of our bodies over these many years we aren’t able to do a lot of the exercises designed to get rid of man boobs, and wide ass. So most of our workouts are short walks. Since we have been confined to “our rooms” even short walks are basically out, unless you can count the many walks from the sofa to bathroom and back, which I have to automatically discount, since I walk much more from the sofa to the refrigerator.

I really do try to eat healthy, and I do some exercises that are geared for the more feebly inclined. I found a work out/stretching exercise video on YouTube for seniors, I’m thinking someday I just may watch it. So for now I’ll do what I usually do, sit and vegetate, and promise myself I’ll exercise tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “They’re Wonderful, Just Wonderful”

  1. 41 years is awesome. My hubs and I will have our 14th anniversary in July. Mine calls me honey—usually when we are out somewhere and he is frustrated with me and doesn’t want others to know it. Lol.

    1. when we are out I usually frustrate my wife. All those stores with the muzak playing, I’ll be dancing around, that’s when she decided she doesn’t know me and walks well ahead of me! 🙂

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