there to peruse the lands of Oz once again

Drifting lazily under a bright summer’s sky

Tiny wavelets lapping the side of the boat

Lines cast out from the rods dangling over the stern

Oars tucked snugly inside the boat, safe from the water

On the horizon trees cast shadows upon the water below

Quiet and stillness, solitude and serenity, peace

Calm suffuses my body, reaching down to my very bones

Muscles relaxed I drift in a daze,

nodding off at times to amazing dreams,

dreams of the world of Oz where all is right with the world

Stressors forgotten all that remains is peace

Peace and the softy muted sounds of the water,

the quiet chirps of birds as they pass over head

The splash of a duck as it lands upon the stillness of the water

Disturbing it for a brief time only, the disturbance rapidly passes

And once again all is stillness and calm, serene solitude

A bobber dips, the line it’s attached to quivers

But it’s ignored in order to maintain the peaceful perfection of it all

Such total relaxation as can only be found here, in solitude

Away from the worries of the world, away from pressing needs,

Needless deadlines, stressed out bosses, excited kids,

Needful spouses.

Tip my hat down low over my eyes and drift some more

Drift into dreamland there to peruse the lands of Oz once again


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