Then He sat back and laughed

He was all powerful, all seeing
All knowing, the great and powerful Oz

He created a land of milk and honey
And gave light unto that land

And He filled it with the birds of the air,
The fish of the seas and all manner of beasts

He filled the fields with flowers and grasses,
and caused vast forests to grow

He made great and beautiful mountains to spring up
And vast chasms of awe and majesty to form

There were deserts and grasslands,
Rivers and seas, vast reaches covered in ice

And everywhere life teemed.
He saw it but was not pleased.

Something was missing,
This would not serve His purposes

So he filled all the lands with people
Made in His own image

He gave them dominion over all
And the power to love and care for all that He’d created

And it was good.
But still He was not pleased.

All was good, too good for His purposes.
So He created the night, the black

And He gave to mankind hatred and warfare
And all manner of black and vile things

He released despair and loneliness
He set forth as much evil as He’d released good

Evil to torture those souls that He’d created
Then He sat back and laughed.

Now He was satisfied.


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