The utter confinement

Feeling confined in the place that you call home, the apprehension of the wall impending, closer…, on the verge of collapsing to pile up on you.

Behind that cheerful smile the many tears that you hide, within you the darkness that resides. What shall be the consequences if it ever surfaced?

The many years that you endured relentlessly, all the burden on your heart that ruptured each and every vein.

Is it normal? Are people normally that gloomy and dark? Is it okay to be that sadistic for real?

Is there a part of you that is out of bounds of even your own area of comprehension?

Do you ever want it all to stop?

The times  when you are supposed to have fun, you’d rather corner yourself because the worldly crowd seems to be feeding on every ounce of blood left in your body -like a zombie shamelessly scraping off every bit of flesh from its well hunted supper.

Do you ever get tired of the continuous rant about your good for nothing existence?

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t…! Whatever you’re good at, that’s not even in the priority list of others so meh!

Often thought, Will it end? Ever?

Will this world be a better place without you? Will the people around you be in a much better place or state of mind if you weren’t around? What if you were never suppose to be a part of all of it? what if all of this was one huge ass mistake. You are all but a liability.

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