The two most Famous Witches we knew growing up…for Halloween

Some of the pictures at the bottom of this page will show Agnes Moorehead not looking like the iconic image that many of us associate with the mother of Samantha the witch in Bewitched, but it is also a valid picture of her in some of her varied roles over a career that spanned 41 years.

Agnes Moorehead was born in 1900 and died in 1974, and spanned a large volume of work.  She was primary viewed as a character actress which meant she went for the part of distinctive people.  She effectively played puritanical idiots, possessive mothers, lonely spinsters and finally as a poor woman in a cabin in the woods that is attacked by aliens.

In that character, she is the very opposite of the character displayed in Bewitched. No makeup, raggedy clothes and a tired and hopeless demeanor.  The aliens may be humanoids or robots account to wikipedia and at one point, after she has managed to find them in her attic and smash their ship, you can hear them on radio letting the home world know that “this planet is inhibited by huge aggressive giants.”  It was my thought at the time that they were human beings, and Angus was a being on a planet we were trying to visit.  But, there was a lot left unclarified.

The point is that Agnes Moorehead played a large range of characters, even appearing on broadway.ย  Her iconic Eudora makeup was simply the main thing on television she because known for due to the show’s popularity.

Below find a range of pictures of her.  She is one of my favorite actresses…right up there with Joan Crawford and Bette Davis and Mae West.  She was also not one of the narrowest focused in terms of character portrayal of the set either.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock (6585144a) Actress Agnes Moorehead, 67, poses in an undated photo actress Agnes Moorhead, USA

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    1. Yah, just imagine being able to wave your hand and make anything that you wanted to happen, happen. I can think of all sorts of things that I would be doing right now. LOL All the doubt about the upcoming election here in the states would be resolved immediately and I would be rich and not have to worry about anything.

      I felt the same way about I dream of Jeanne which I watched growing up also.

  1. I watched a Bewitched Christmas special last night. I thought of you and your post. Thanks for the great fun from this post. It brought back to life one of the most entertaining shows from my time.

  2. It was about Darin and Samantha taking home an orphan boy for Christmas who hated Christmas and did not believe in Santa Claus. Samantha took him to the North Pole to meet Santa. It was so cute. Look it up. Merry Christmas my friend.

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