“The Twins”…Big and Little Bit

Like I said, Misty had a mind of her own. In addition, the young gal that put her in my car either lied (very possible) or didn’t know and just assumed that she was fixed. Anyway, she gave birth.

We didn’t know it till one day, she seemed to be gaining a lot of weight. I took her to the vet and the fact was that she was “with kitten”. They told me that they could still neuter her, but that since she was pregnant, it would be more risky so we decided not to take the chance and just get homes for the kittens. We meant well, we will ready. She had four kittens, and we actually got homes for two of them.

The day we were going to take the kittens for their potential forever home, we had already decided to keep the runt. Cuz, who ever wants to get rid of the runt? We had been coddling her and making over her and basically protecting her from day one. Misty seemed less concerned about her and we would often find her laying on top of the runt…so we were keeping that kitten.

However, one of her siblings went missing when we were loading the others into carriers, and the person ended up taking both of them. Afterwards we decided 1. Big had to stay with Little, they were too attached (only a minor bit of projection perhaps) and 2. maybe the two went because the third wasn’t along. They might have felt less pressure to make more than one if there had been 3 kittens instead of 2.

Introducing Big Bit:

Whether you can tell from the pictures or not, she was also a hand full. Not so much as willful as her mother and she never wanted to go out. After all, she was raised from day one in the house…born in (and I do mean in not on) the sofa. But she was capable of terrorizing the other cats with mercy. She especially took Roy’s cat, Lilly, on, and made it her job to annoy Lilly whenever possible.

Based on her behavior inside the house, you would think she would be bold anyway, However, when we took them (her and Little usually went together in the same carrier), she was the one that retreated to the back of the carrier, and when we got to the vet, refused to come out. We literally had to grab her and pull her out. She also “froze” when we moved from an apartment to a house. Huddled in the hallway and would not move until she finally decided to hide in a box.

Oh, and she used to stick to me. Roy would come in the room and she would jealously hiss at him. Then suddenly, she started sleeping with him. The difference though was that she never hissed at me if I went in his room. Funny cat.

Little Bit:

Little was never over 5 pounds…ever. Even though Big was hardly a huge cat at 11 pounds or so, she was still huge in comparison. Little was the mischief maker. She used to get on tables, raise her paw to knock something off, wait for me to scream “no, Little” and then slap it off into the floor, looking at me the whole time.

She handled the vet visits differently. She became 5 pounds of claws going in every direction when we tried to put her into the carrier, so badly that after Roy passed, I quite taking them to the vet…just couldn’t do it by myself. And she would scream all the way to the vet. Suddenly, however when she got there, she would march right out, walk up to the nurse or doctor and rub against them purring like she was at home and totally enjoying herself.

She also handled moving differently. Was fine, and curled up beside me and was all loving the very first night in the new house. That lasted for the 2-3 days that the other cats were upset and hiding. Then when THEY calmed down, she hissed at them apparently for coming out, and went and hid. I swore she just knew she should have been an only cat.

2 thoughts on ““The Twins”…Big and Little Bit”

  1. LOVE Big bit and Little Bit. They look so cute….and beautiful.
    Mind you…both would be Little Bits in my household. Chubs…..is a petite 18lbs. He lost 2 lbs a few years ago and plateaued. How he maintains this steady 18lbs is beyond me ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Clove to us is so fragile as she hovers around 10lbs. Ha!
    Your cats look so chubby but they are not. They must be short?
    Thanks for sharing the story of how your family came to be ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I don’t think Little and Big were ever really chubby although I guess Big was closer. Yes, they were both on the short side, and like I think I said, Little was NEVER over 5 lbs…while Big was about 11. I think that is as heavy as she ever got. I saw her as small compared to Pie and Misty.

      Pie was a chubby thing, he weighted at one point about 16 or 17 lbs…and misty was “fluffy” at least. I will let you check on the rest of them as I post them. But then I think I already did my current, ie Patches, who hqw been bigger. She is about 15 and beginning to scare me a bit as she seems to now be losing weight especially in back section. That scares me because it is often a sign of loss of muscle and a sign of old age. (that leaves Munchie and Leo)

      But back to Little, she was always small, and also a bit of the fragile side, but she had her opinion about things… ๐Ÿ™‚ And plenty of willingness to let you know what she thought.

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