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The Trust System


The other day we were driving through Rushville Nebraska when my mother told me about this farmer who sells his produce on the side of the road. He operates on the TRUST system. He trust you to leave your money in the box for what you take. Now….I have seen this on some of the cooking shows where people leave pies in a little hut in the front yard and you can walk in, pick your pie and leave your money in a box. But this is the first time I actually saw something like it in person.

I know it’s just a little kinda shabby vegetable stand….but to me it was the most beautiful stand for what it represented. TRUST in humankind. It made me so happy to see it I grabbed my phone to take a picture.  And as I was standing there taking pictures I heard clunking getting closer and closer and around the corner came the farmer with his old wheel barrel. He came to load up his vegetables and collect his money box.

He was such a nice older gentleman. He said he has met many out of staters who stopped to take pictures of his stand. And all tell him how special his stand is because of the TRUST system he operates on. Many out of staters had talked to him about how this system couldn’t work in their city. Which is exactly what I told him. I enjoyed my talk with him and after we drove away I wished I had taken his picture next to his stand.

I did buy almost all of his produce up even though my sisters garden had almost everything he was selling. To drop my money in his box……made me feel good to be apart of the TRUST system



8 thoughts on “The Trust System”

  1. You took a lovely photo. I have rarely seen Trust boxes here. There was a flower stand nearby that used to have one. I think it is wonderful to be able to have trust between humans.

  2. Trust system is being used for mini libraries being set up in some communities as well as can goods if you can believe it. We actually have farmers who put their produce out at the road for free because they have too much. Usually if it is something I would want I like to drop off something in return just to be neighborly. It is hard to trust these days isn’t it? I remember when I was a kid you did not lock your doors, whether it was your house or your car now everything has to be locked and alarmed

    1. OF COURSE you have mini libraries and canned goods in “trust stands” Christine! You live in paradise 😉
      You are very fortunate to live in such a community.

      And I remember being able to leave the car doors unlocked and house windows open. Will we ever be able to go back to that life?

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