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The toxic love

I hate that you made me love you. You pretended to be everything I wanted and needed until I got comfortable and only then did you show who you truly were. You broke me after you fixed all my broken parts. You made me believe I was safe to express myself and be who I am and then you chopped me down and watched me drown in the ocean of tears you created. You showed me kindness before tearing my heart out and ripping it into a million pieces, told me you loved me and would always be here to show me how big of a lie that really was. I am more lonely with you than I was on my own. I’m ignored, never heard, always put on the back burner until I explode and then all of a sudden you’re the victim and I’m just crazy. You filled me full to the brim with false hope and empty promises. You told me you were sorry just to repeat the same actions over and over. I fell for a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How many times have I cried over you, thought you would change, thought you would love me the way I deserve to be loved? How many panic attacks, self doubt, black outs will you put me through before I finally collapse? We fight like cats and dogs and love like flames dancing in the fire. The good days are ecstasy I just want more, the bad days are horrific and full of so much pain. I just don’t know how to make it work. I can’t save us.

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