The Times They Sure Have Changed!


So here I sit, having a cold beer for breakfast, actually I’m having beer and Rice Crispies, the new slogan has changed from Snap, Crackle Pop, to Snap, Crackle, Burp. Then, having a beer at 9am on Easter morning would be considered a bad thing at one time, now it’s almost the norm. Because in these past several weeks, what was once normal has completely changed.

Many of us aren’t even getting dressed, well, not dressed as we usually do. Regular work clothes have changed to pajama pants and T-shirts, or if we feel like half dressing up, we don a pair of sweatpants. How I dress at present, is what happens to be clean at the moment. Right now I’m wearing my last clean pair of pajama pants and my housecoat.

One of the things we have learned through this whole experience is how mankind is really the worse life organism on the planet. I’m amazed Mother Earth hasn’t gotten rid of us long ago. A few gigantic earthquakes, some killer hurricanes and throw in some tornadoes, she could be rid of the lot of us. I guess she has more tolerance than I do.

When you see these people out and about hoarding necessary items day after day, the ones with money to do so, while many who lived pay check to pay check who don’t have that luxury, it sickens me. There are many people just surviving. They haven’t had the chance to get necessary items for there families, and yet the ones who have the money continue their hoarding, we see it everyday. Lines at grocery stores from the opening hour.

I went yesterday to get a few things we need, I called a cab and waited 40 minutes for it to arrive, when usually, it would take 10-15 minutes tops. When I got to the grocery store, I was the 14th one in line waiting to get in. When I did get in, most of the items I needed were not to be found! Things like toilet paper, and much needed cleaning supplies to keep the apartment sanitary. So I did some substituting. I bought cleaners without bleach, and bought some bleach to add. I had to go to 2 different stores to just find these items. I waited an hour and a half for the cab ride home…

But, I won’t preach, I won’t say how these hoarding bastards are pricks, I won’t say that if everyone got just what they needed instead of taking everything in their wake are fucking it for others. I also won’t say that these assholes buying up medical supplies that first responders need, are killing off people who are essential to keep others alive. I won’t say, but I’ll think it.

Instead I’ll say I’m lucky that so far no one in my family has come down with this dreaded disease, and for that I’m thankful. I’ll also say how it pains me not to be able to hug my grandchildren, but am thankful I can see them using Facebook and video chat. I’m happy I can talk to my mother and long for the day I can see her again, as well as my brothers.

Above all, the thing I find most disturbing, and making things harder for all of us, is the constant flow of verbal diarrhea coming from those in high places, Trump comes to mind, who has fed so much misinformation. There has been so much misinformation, that the populace is having trouble with what they should, or should not do.

It’s gotten to the point that people have no idea if the real experts are telling us the right information, people are having doubts and don’t know who to trust. Myself personally, having seen the Trump circus from the start, feeding his zombie followers with constant lies. I’ll go with the experts, and I think anyone with any common sense will to.

So for the rest of the day, i will sit back and probably drink a few more beer, and fight with the wife over the remote for the TV. The times are changing, but at least some things remain normal. So you all try to have a great day, it’s Easter Sunday, a kind of a time I always looked at as renewal, and rebirth, a time for to make things better than they are. I wish you all good health, and I hope you all stay safe.

6 thoughts on “The Times They Sure Have Changed!”

  1. Great Post! I share your thoughts regarding hoarding. Stores in my area remain bare of needed cleaning supplies and toilet paper. I had Rice Krispies for breakfast also, but with no fresh milk I had them with frozen yogurt and chocolate sauce. Quite yummy! Stay safe and well.

  2. I think everyone can relate to the phenomenon of supply hoarding which seems to have taken hold globally. Here in the UK the same thing is happening, supermarkets stripped bare of every essential food item and sanitary cleaning products. My local shops have been bare for weeks now and as soon as they get a fresh supply of stock, a few hours later they are empty once again.

    Certain people have no self discipline of control when panic sets in; the herd mentality takes over and it’s a case of ‘I’m alright Jack.’ When you consider the terrible death toll which has befallen the people of Italy you would think that the same panic would ensue over there. But no, there has been no panic buying whatsoever and food stocks remain in good supply.

    The world should look upon Italy as a model of dignity and self composure that we can all learn by in times of crisis.

  3. I guess I’m lucky, at least I believe I am. S. Carolina is rural and hasn’t been hit as hard as big states. My plant is essential so it will only close to clean up after an incident; so far, no incidents. My oldest daughter in Milwaukee thought she caught it early on but since she wasn’t over sixty or a first responder they wouldn’t test her, and told her to self quarantine and she gutted it out.

    The only things always out of stock are Lysol spray and wipes. Between the local grocery store, pharmacy and dollar store I have always been able to get the essentials. I’m not an off grid survivalist but ever since doing disaster clean up after hurricane Katrina I’ve lived with the understanding that you’re dead if you’re planning on waiting for the government to save you, so I’ve kept about a month’s supply of food and basics (first aid and paper products) and about two week’s worth of potable water. That softened the blow immensely. I built my supply a can or two a week, bought an extra pack of paper towels, toilet paper, or paper plates etc, maybe once every month or two on sale. Not bragging, praying we all get through this alright and planning on stocking up for the next big thing. This food storage has already helped me through the 2008/9 recession and this pandemic.

  4. good for you.. I do the same thing.. my mom.. she lived some hard times as a kid.. we gleaned and stored.. I needed a couple of things the first week but there was no panic buying.. I have actually been able to clean out the over dated things and have a working list for replenishing the stockpile when it comes available.. it’s easy one thing at a time.. I have a friend once that never let her gas tank fall under 3/4 of a tank.. she said it was easier to keep it full that it was to fill it when it was empty..

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