The Thorns in my side…..

This picture is 2 weeks away from being 2 years old. Chubs is going to be 12 years old in September. He’s the bigger cat by the way 😉 12 years ago I was searching and searching for a Calico cat. My sister called me and said she wanted to pay for my cat when I find her for my birthday. I searched every shelter over and over until I finally found a Calico kitten. She was curled up and sleeping with her brother Chubs. Of course I couldn’t separate them….so Cocoa and Chubs came home with me. I think I had her almost 8 years until I think an owl got her. At the time we were living deeper in the back country mountains on an 8 acre completely fenced in property. The fence was 6ft high and my cats would spend the daytime out and running around and would come in at night. This night I was in the hospital for a surgery when she disappeared.

Anyhow…..Chubs sometimes seemed lonely after Cocoa was gone so I decided I would find him a new friend. I did look for another calico but when I saw this little cute thing I decided to take her. AND…I was worried about another owl seeing a Calico cat as opposed to a black cat blending into everything at night. So Clover came home with me.

Clove was a little feral it seemed when we first got her. She would only sit with me …hug my neck and hide under my blankets all of the time. She really seemed a little wild and would hiss and scratch my sons and any visitors who would come by. So I was in deep thought about returning her to the shelter. I finally held her and looked into her eyes and had a deep conversation with her. I explained the situation… she keeps trying to attack Chubs… she isn’t friendly with everyone in the house….she keeps hiding….and what I might have to do. And like a miracle…the next day she was a different cat. She still would sit on chubby….but she would clean his ears and clean his head. Especially if anyone was watching she would really put a “friendly” show on.

So many more stories to tell…..but my eyes are closing. Maybe we should start a “pet” group. Wait…lets not for now. Our pet post look better out here on our cover page compared to so many political post. Makes the site a bit more inviting.


1 thought on “The Thorns in my side…..”

  1. Clover looks kind of wooly there…but cute. I only ever had one black cat and it was one of the smartest I think i ever had, although the rest of them weren’t exactly dummies either.

    He died suddenly of a heart attack we think it was. He was definitely my cat, although I had hoped he would take up with my partner since his cat was really really old and just about on her last legs. But no, he was mine. 🙂

    i have most of the time found that cats tolerate everybody, but they still prefer one particular person. Well, not his, she hated me.

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