The Six Oracles

It was a time of renewal, a time of change. The King who had reigned over Oroculpo for eighty-years had died leaving behind his daughter to rule in his stead. The princess – now Queen Clarissa, being totally inexperienced in matters of state, had no idea how she would rule from her place on the bequeathed throne. She had absorbed much from her father’s sage advisors but none of them gave a clear picture of how she should proceed as monarch.

She determined her best course of action was to visit the stone oracles who dwelt just outside the city. The origin of the oracles had never been discovered, and all that was known about them had been lost to antiquity. Clarissa, however, did know one thing about them – a gem of knowledge passed to her by her father. Once every ten years the ruling monarch had the authority to ask one question to each of the six oracles in view of gaining wisdom in their reign, and as a new queen she had the right to question them immediately.

In her mind she debated long and hard as to what she would ask the oracles; it wasn’t an easy thing to decide and seemed just as hard – if not harder than deciding how to rule. She locked herself away for one week and meditated on her problem. After much thought, and when the week had finally passed, she had found the most important question – in her mind, that she wanted to ask.

The next day she confidently strode from the city and approached the seat of the oracles. Six faces set in stone, for all intents and purposes lifeless and still until rightfully called upon to speak. Clarissa looked to each in turn then chose one to speak to.

“Oracle. I command that you hear me.” said Clarissa, with authority.

The oracle’s eyes began to glisten and slowly came to life, it then studied the young woman.

“Welcome Queen Clarissa, your presence we have all been expecting. You may ask one question of each of us, or ask six different questions. The choice is yours to make, but be warned. . .if you ask the same question six times you will get six different answers. What is it you want to ask me?”

“I have but one question, Oracle: As queen, what is the purpose of my reign?”

“The purpose of your reign is to govern over your people,” the oracle answered.

Clarissa had expected this answer – it was an obvious statement. She moved on to the next oracle.

“Oracle, how do I govern over my people?”

“You govern over your people by telling them what to do by means of royal decree,” the oracle answered.

She moved on to the next.

“Oracle, what should I tell my people to do?”

“You should tell your people to obey your commands,” the oracle answered.

She moved on to the next.

“Oracle, what commands should I give to my people?”

“Your commands by intention should ensure the growth and prosperity of your realm,” the oracle answered.

She moved on to the next.

“Oracle, how do I ensure the growth and prosperity of my realm?”

“The prosperity and growth of your realm will only come with unification, you must find a way to inspire your people so they will follow and obey you without question.”

She moved on to the last and tallest oracle.

“Oracle, how do I inspire the people to believe in me?”

“By showing them love,” the oracle answered. “There is no greater or more unifying force in the universe. Love is my answer.”

On her way back to the city Clarissa had many thoughts all vying for her undivided attention; she still didn’t have a clear idea of where to begin in her reign, but showing her people love was not a problem for her. Yes, showing her people love and compassion would be easy.

She entered the city with a renewed spring in her steps. She suddenly became bathed in a new confidence.