The Seattle city council just turned the city over to the criminals

The old saying of the inmates are running the asylum. That is especially true of the city of Seattle. In case you have not heard or read, the Seattle city council has decided in their infinite “wisdom” to cut nearly $4 million from the police budget!! At the very least it will eliminate about 100 full-time officers, through layoffs or attrition, starting in November. It will however, make response time to certain crimes longer. What it does is give the criminals an edge in committing their crimes because they know that it will take the police some time to get going. The budget cuts also forced Seattle police chief Carmen Best to resign her job. Now, I am all for the black lives matter group but to defund the police, to cut the budget even, is an asinine thing to do!!! The people who want to defund the police are going to keep going until it will be like the old west. In the old west, everyone had a gun to defend themselves and their property against crime. Come to think of it, that is not a bad idea.

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