The Return Of The Light

No more darkness, no more pain
Feeling better once again

No longer empty, no longer sad
Smiles are back, life’s not so bad

Hope has returned and with it the light
I think that I shall continue to fight

The battle’s not over, the war’s not won
It goes on forever, it’s never done

But it bothers me not, I am prepared
To fight on no matter how I’ve faired

Death’s not an option, I shall not quit
Regardless of what it takes to fight it

The light has returned, ever so bright
And with it I feel always so right

Thank You my God is what I cry out
To Him as ever, Lord hear my shout

Lord for this day I thank You
And for the light I thank you too

Your love I feel enfolding me true
And I’m not feeling nearly so blue

Truly this is a rare moment in time
The peace that I feel I shall make mine

For the light is back and though it not stay
It is here to bless me as ever this day

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