The reasons why my cats eat grass?

You may sometimes be surprised to find that your cat sometimes runs into the yard and starts to eat grass. You would think that cats specialize in eating meat. Why do they eat grass? Later, you saw that the cat spit out the grass after eating the grass. You are wondering again, is the cat sick? Is this grass poisonous to the cat? In fact, it is very beneficial for cats to eat grass, which can relieve cats’ constipation and stress. This article will introduce you to several specific reasons why cats eat grass.

1. Help the cat to vomit something upset in the stomach

A common reason for cats to eat grass is to help cats expel foods that are difficult to digest in their stomachs. When the cat eats some hair, feathers, and bones of prey, he can’t digest these things himself, so he uses grass to help him ruminate.

2. Have vitamins for cats

Grass contains oxalic acid, a vitamin needed by cats. It helps cats produce hemoglobin in the body, and hemoglobin plays a role in moving oxygen in the body.

3. Help with bowel movements

Constipation is a common problem in cats. If your cat has not defecate for a few days, he will choose to eat grass to increase the fiber in the intestine, promote the peristalsis of the intestine, and help the cat to defecate.

In most cases, it is harmless for cats to eat grass. But it should be noted that please do not allow cats to eat grass sprayed with chemical pesticides, which is fatal to cats. In addition, eating grass and eating plants are also two different concepts. Most potted indoor plants are harmful to cats.

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