The reasons why my cat is howling

Have you heard the howling of a cat at night? Except for birds, cats have the widest range of vocalization among domestic pets. Do you think the howling is just a cat’s nonsense? But in fact, this is the cat conveying some information to you. After reading this article, you can understand whether your cat’s howling expresses satisfaction and relaxation or pain and needs.

1. Feel bored

Some cats will howl at night, which means they don’t have enough exercise during the day and feel bored at night. Try to interact with cats more actively and consume their excess energy.

2. Feel pain

If the cat feels pain, he will howl. The pain here is not only from external wounds, but also from internal diseases. You can ask your veterinarian to do a comprehensive physical examination of your cat.

3. Estrus

If you did not sterilize the cat, then the cat will make very loud screams and howls at night to find a mate.

4. Want food

If you feed the cat very late or forget to feed the cat, the cat will make a howling sound to attract your attention. This is like saying that I am hungry, and give me a little bit of food.

5. Excessive thyroid and kidney problems

If your cat often howls at night, you’d better take him to see the vet, because this is likely a sign of overactive cat thyroid or kidney disease.

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