The Pool of Dreams

A poet has said, “Kisses are a better fate than wisdom”
And in my ignorance I wish for such a fate as this.
What better way to die the little death,
Than drowning in your kiss.





I hear Autumn’s voice in the rustling leaves
Which skitter and swirl on the evening breeze.
I know her well –
Her hair is red
and her eyes hazel.

An air of melancholy traces her smile… 

No youthful slip of a girl is she
A changling,
A fire that breathes


She is a creature of magic
And the whisper of twilight
For there is witchcraft in her eyes
And she has bewitched my soul



She leads me down the rough hewn stairs
Which my life has etched in stone
Each strike they bore was but a day
and days as scores did mark my year
These rasped the stone
My life to tell…
And year to year were downward laid
The oldest worn smooth as vellum page
The newest
The strikes engraved


The leaf strewn stair she led
To the scrying pool

autumn leaves 4

The running water from brook and fall
Spilt heedless
And foamed
Then spread out calm
And dark
Split by moonlit beam
At length reflections in the waters seen
Listening to the tranquil burble
Midst moss slick rocks
Long since green


A canopy of fire

autumn moon

And moonlight through the outstretched arms
Compassed the heart
Of the pool of dreams


And here she paused to bow and pray
Or an incantation
O’r the waters laid


Mingling breeze with burbling brook
Low chanting magic
A single


Fell a lone
As shed she a tear
The color of autumn, and water, and fate
And awakened the pool
To the memories there
Of past, present dreams
Filled with sorrows and with joys
And also shame
And courage borne of hope
Of brighter future days

droplet 2

And love

Desire’s long yearned for desire
Still fired wild in my heart
As ripples spread forth from where the droplet had fallen


The sibilant word

– She –


And reflected there with the stars of the sky
Gave forth the pool
A beauty that haunted
Binding me with the green of her eyes

And the waters they trembled
‘Neath the tear’s ripple
Mist rising
Where now waters trembled
and foamed
The colors of autumn
And of futures unknown

And from the shadows of depths
 An image arose
As my heart’s desires

And you were the magic
For you are

pool 2

Reflections only dream of life
And dreams are but the reflections
Of futures unseen 

And Autumn she smiled for me
At the pool of dreams




  1. Funfreak · February 12, 2018

    Oh, I have been away so long and its been even longer still since I’ve written anything that wasn’t work related or an expression of sympathy or a thank you for thoughts and prayers. I logged in for the first time since last fall and hoped you’d have something pretty and familiar and romantic for me to fall into. And you did. And this is lovely. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with us.

    • Ezwayz · February 13, 2018

      Thanks for dropping by Fun. Hope life is treating you well. As for us rednecks, well, we just keep doing what we do best – as little as possible! 😉 😀

  2. C Lewis · February 14, 2018

    The beauty of your words leaves my heart and mind breathless, as ever!

    • Ezwayz · February 14, 2018

      Lol, I’m still scribbling, if that’s what you mean! 😉 😀