The Old and the New

This is really a test to see what the New Post does.  It doesn’t jump out at me as to how to make a Blog or a Discussion but got it for the Groups.

Hey, this is my first ‘Permalink’ whatever that is, and what the heck is a Toolbar Toggle and a Insert Read More.

Okay, now a real comment.  I keep dropping by here to see if everyone has shown up yet.  Maybe like me, news of a new site was not known until Thoughts went down.

I wish thinkr well, but thoughts will be missed. It was great for a quick driveby “blog”, not something overly geekish.

BTW – I see now this has turned into a Blog.  I hope there is a kill switch for foolish blogs like this one.

1 thought on “The Old and the New”

  1. @vincent Hi Vincent — We are all Thinkr students. The easiest way to post is to go to the black toolbar (near the top of the page) and look for (+New) — allow the menu to drop down — then select “post”. You are now ready to start writing. Thinkr members have complete control over their posts and post comments. Click “edit” at the bottom of this post. On this screen you can edit, change post privacy settings or delete your post altogether. Happy learning.

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