The Meaning and Purpose of Life

3 thoughts on “The Meaning and Purpose of Life”

  1. I am not sure if I understand what the meaning and purpose of life is. If I consider “the meaning and purpose” then it means, to me at least, that I have examined a need for something, and considered the purpose of whatever that “something” is.
    If I consider my life, then I have many questions. Why am I here. Did I have a choice on being “here”. What is my purpose for being here?
    As a child I was subjected to a catechism in which the first question was “Who made you”? The catechism degenerated from there on in a miriad of meaningless questions.
    WHY was I here. What purpose did I meet. The only answer that I got from those who were teaching me was that, if I did not toe the line, then my destiny would be the “everlasting fires of hell”. Hell of a note for an eight year old child. Sadly, that Jesuit “upbringing” only served to scar my spiritual life.
    So. Why am I here. I didn’t actually ask to be here, I had no say in the matter. So, tell me, WHY?

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