The Land Of The Lost

The land is dark as midnight on a moonless night
in the middle of the sea
The landscape empty and barren as the great salt flats
Nothing grows there, nothing lives there
It is a lifeless land, full only of pain
Light never reaches it, life never touches it
It is empty and shall always remain so
It is the land of the lost

To enter this terrain is to give up your life
To a life of loneliness and pain
Abandon all hope all you who enter for there is no escape
The land will suck you dry,
It drains the very life from you
It doesn’t respect what you’ve done in life
Nor who you love or who loves you
It matters not what you’ve accomplished
It will eat you

A lone figure strides this land,
full of the pain delivered by the land
More dead then alive the figure roams
The land looking for escape
But escape is not to be found
Soul as empty as the land,
The figure knows no hope of surcease
Lost in this land it would welcome even death
Anything to escape the pain

The figure roams the land
And is as empty and lost as the land itself
There is no light for this figure
Not from without, nor from within
It’s soul is black as the night of the land
Nowhere to turn, it matters not where it roams
No release, no comfort, no help, no hope
It is as lost as the land itself
It yearns for the release of death,
Anything to escape the land within which it’s trapped

It longs for the joy of a welcoming voice,
The comfort of a firm handshake
The peace and contentment of a loving heart
Someone to love and to be loved by
A friend on whose shoulder to cry,
To release some of the terrible pain
To break the loneliness,
To fill the emptiness
A light to push back the darkness

Who is this pitiful figure?
Who is it that is trapped in this dreadful land?
Who is it that is lost in this vast emptiness?
Who is it that has to struggle so to maintain hope
In such a hopeless and joyless land?
Who is this sorrowful figure,
So bereft of comfort and joy,
So lost in the darkness of this land?
Who is this lost figure?

It is I.


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