The Incredible “Aga”

Alright….I follow some amazing people and organizations on “Twitter” and one in particular always leaves me in awe with her life. We really should have a group about different “Twitter” accounts we follow and why we follow them. ANYHOW…..

There is an account on Twitter called “IrelandsFarmers” I have got to know a few that I truly adore. How they run this account is a new farmer takes over the account every week. So they spend the week sharing their daily life on their farm. This week an Irish Butcher is running the account so its nice to see all levels of the industry. And as you follow that account you can also follow the new farmers that take over on their personal accounts. One lady I followed is “Suzanna Crampton” She raises a certain breed of sheep and has a wild life on her farm. She makes a lot of youtube videos and one thing on her farm I am absolutely AMAZED over is her Aga Oven.

She shows her Aga with her cats sleeping on it ..under it. Her dogs lay near it all of the time. I have never seen such an oven. Her oven is a 1935 model which her family bought used in 1940. Other farmers also have this oven and I can’t get over it. My sons asked me if I was giving them a hint as to what I want. I told them no….I don’t think I can cook in/on it. Maybe it’s the life of the farmers I also am attracted to?

Aga’s are like a piece of art to me. Maybe….I really do want one.